Baker’s Secret pans make your baking experience better, easier and more successful

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Baker's Secret®
  • Color Measuring Cup Set
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Baker's Secret®
Baker's Secret®
  • Cook ’N Carry 9" X 13"
    Cake Pan
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The Secrets Behind Baker’s Secret Brand

The secret? Great baking doesn’t have to be hard!

With the right tools, any baker can gain the confidence to make tempting cakes, cookies, pies and more for their special celebrations—even when the only thing to celebrate is being together.

With almost 130 years of heritage behind us, Baker’s Secret® brand is an expert in tried-and-true, smart, durable designs that simplify the baking process, making it accessible to anyone of any age.

Our story begins with Edward Katzinger’s commercial baking pan company, founded in Chicago in 1888. The business would take on the EKCO Housewares Company name years later and would introduce the Baker’s Secret brand in 1972.

Over those years, we learned the basics of great baking techniques and great baking pans. We make cookie sheets, cakes pans, cupcake pans, muffin pans, pie pans, loaf pans, roast pans and even pizza pans! No matter which of these pans you use, the features of every Baker’s Secret pan are included to make your baking experience better, easier and more successful.

  • Nonstick surfaces mean your creations come free easily and make for fast cleanup
  • Our pans are safe for metal spatulas
  • Our reliable, high-quality materials won’t rust, peel or warp—they’ll be serving you as you serve others for years to come

Baker's Secret… is One of the Many Brands in the World Kitchen Family